Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Starting Whole30

I know I'm late for a Jan 1 start but I finally had enough of feeling pudgy and bloated.  Paleo cookies are fun but I could feel all these paleo-fied junk foods catching up to me.  I decided to do Whole30
The rules

Simple enough right?  I almost had a panic attack when I realized every single bacon I could find had a form of sugar in it. Also, I messed up TWICE in the first day.

Mistake #1: One of my favorite things is Manuka honey .  I've eaten a tablespoon before bed for years now.  I had just finished a jar of honey the night before, so I rinsed out the jar to put in the recycling and without thinking LICKED THE LID.  Dumb.

Mistake #2: My nighttime ritual is a cup of sleepytime tea followed by sublingual melatonin.  I had my usual cup of tea and popped in a melatonin tab.  It took me about 20 seconds to figure out something was wrong... SWEET I TASTE SWEET.  Sure enough, the melatonin I was using had sugar alcohols like sorbitol which are not Whole30 approved.  I spat the pill out but  those 2 mistakes were enough to make me start over today.

Yesterday I was SO OBSESSED with food.  When driving around I would start salivating at the sight of restaurants I don't even like.  I wanted pizza and wine.  Lots and lots of wine.  I almost caved and made a smoothie- SMOOTHIES ARE NOT WHOLE30 COMPLIANT- but instead I just had a bowl of berries with coconut milk and shredded coconut.  A "roughie", if you will.  It hit the spot. 

What did I eat?

paleo egg muffins with bell peppers and onion

I made paleo egg muffins without the ham because I couldn't find ham or bacon without sugar in it :( This made them a lot less tasty.  I smothered them with guacamole instead.

I finally figured out prosciutto is a (pricey) substitute for bacon but at least the ingredients are just pork and salt.  I fried up some prosciutto and Brussels sprouts with coconut oil and garlic

prosciutto and Brussels sprouts
It was good practice and I'll start again tomorrow.  I also need to take some "before" pics so I can see how much better I look in 30 days.  Wish me luck!

Have you done Whole30? What were your results? What are your favorite Whole30 approved recipes?

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