Monday, August 20, 2012

Krav Maga

It was a good day.  I came home from work and a box from full of whey protein from was waiting for me

 Today was the second day of school with the kids.  I have a lot of the same students as last year which is a lot lower stress- I already know the kiddos!

As he has the last couple of years, my boyfriend sent me flowers on the first day of school. 

So sweet
I went to my first Krav Maga class today.  I have been toying with the idea for a while now because I really like the idea of killing attackers with my bare hands or a pen lying around or whatever, so much less frilly than the other martial arts.  KRAV MAGA IS GRITTY/REAL

I finally got around to googling my city + krav maga and LO AND BEHOLD there were options.  My little hick Okie town is getting less little hick Okie all the time.

The bad: apparently there was a Groupon last week for the EXACT KRAV MAGA CLASS PACKAGE I PAID FULL PRICE FOR for 70% less :'( but at least there were plenty of newbies along with me.  I wore my new Under Armour shirt and my UA Armour Bra which is like $60 but I love it so worth it!

Krav Maga outfit

Krav Maga was a brutal class.  I've been to a boxing gym before a year or two ago and as a kid I did tae kwon do but Krav Maga is different!  It's very survivalist. They want to make you tough and get used to blows so basically for about half the class you are holding the bags and taking punches. Which sounds easy but IT'S NOT.  They don't pair up ladies with ladies!  I held the bag for some big men. I could feel the concussion of their blows through the bags.  It really hurt my chest lol and definitely knocked the wind out of me.  I thought I was going to puke for a lot of it and even thought about sitting out halfway through but I stuck it out and I'm glad I did. 

So after surviving the barrage of attacks it's your turn to attack.  I thought a lot about my ex-boyfriend.  It was very cathartic and exhausting.  I was sweating a lot by the end of class and my knuckles were raw but I bought some gloves so hopefully next time will be better!  I bought the ten class punch card at full non-Groupon price so you know I'll be back!

My mom got me twelve gallons of water.  She said she went to the dollar store and just asked for a box of 6 gallons.  They look like this:

The gallon jugs look like this:

The sell-by date is June 2014 but I imagine if I just run it though the Berkey they'll be fine after that. It's good to be closer to my prepping water goal!

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