Sunday, August 26, 2012

future prepper skill goals

I finally read The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet.  I enjoyed reading it and a lot of what he says about ALL grains (not just wheat) being problematic makes a ton of sense.

Robb Wolf says with fruits such as berries they have a benefit of being eaten in that the seeds get spread around and fertilized.  Grains don't get a similar benefit from being eaten and they don't like to give something for nothing so they're going to fight back!

I noticed the last couple of times I've had rice I've felt REALLY sick for a day or two after.  So no more!

I've been thinking about some skills I want to develop this year.  These are my skill goals:

1.  Get ham radio licensed for SHTF communications.  I found a $25 course that starts Sept 18th.

2. Add a certification as a math teacher in order to increase competitiveness as a teacher job seeker in the future.  Although I enjoy my current position as an ELL English teacher I would like to increase my options of positions at as many different schools as possible in case I have to move in the next couple of years.

3.  Develop job skill for SHTF world.  I don't think I can rely on teaching alone.  I'm thinking something practical: welding, doula, locksmithing. 

What skills do you think would be valuable in a SHTF situation?


  1. yoga instructor/herbalist/crystal therapy healer! when shtf we need to think of our spiritual health as well as physical :) and if you learn how to heal with herbs and plants found in the wild you can become the resident sha(wo)myn!!!

  2. also welding sounds really fun