Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dr. Mercola Pure Power Protein price increase

I've been in my classroom all week getting set up and Friday is the first day of school! Crazy.

This drought is terrible.  It sort of rained yesterday, but not a whole lot.  Lately I spend half an hour each evening sitting outside watching an episode of Girls on my laptop while watering the trees in my apartment complex.  Because of the water shortage rules in place you have to be physically with the hose in order to water so the maintenance guys don't have time to do it and corporate won't let them install a sprinkler system for whatever reason.

Also because of the drought and the rising corn prices, Dr. Mercola Pure Power Protein is having a price increase August 20, just fyi.  I'm stocking up.

Use this code for 10% off:  PRM071146

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