Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dominican Republic photos part 1

Well we've been home now for a week so here's some Dominican Republic photos.  We had a great time in the 2 weeks we were there!  We did the north coast (i.e. not Punta Cana).

My boyfriend's more of the type to just want to relax at an all-inclusive on vacation while I am a former fearless backpacker turned paranoid old lady so it was an interesting mix.  I think eating street food is delicious and a must-do while he does not partake but he was a good sport about the things I wanted to do.  And he didn't have to twist my arm too hard to hang and gorge and laze at an all-inclusive ^_^

First we flew into Santiago, the 2nd largest city in the Dominican Republic:

cigar factory in Taburil

Then we took a gua-gua which is the local bus.  Basically picture your standard 15 person passenger van, but with extra people and cargo crammed inside.  The most people we saw in one gua-gua was 24 ^_^  3 dudes were literally hanging out the door

gua-gua ride
Prepper side note: can you imagine this happening in the United States? What if gas gets to $5.... $10... $15 a gallon? I think this is the future... even here :o

Then we went to Tubagua Eco-Resort and stayed in a palapa with no walls:

our palapa
View from Tubagua
There was not much to do there during the day except hike and relax.  So we went on a hike to some waterfalls:

 Hiked through cow fields

Played a lot of card games and Monopoly and watched part of Good Burger because my boyfriend had never seen it (he's never seen Citizen Kane either)

My boyfriend found a great deal on an all-inclusive resort on the beach nearby so we stayed there for a couple of days to recoup

the pool
the beach
We took a day trip to Paradise Island.  Which is this tiny little island with 6 grass huts (no bathrooms)

arriving at Paradise Island
Went snorkeling (We prefer diving but DR is not that great for either)

and enjoyed some beach time

At this point my seemingly indestructible waterproof smashproof digital camera died because the charger exploded when I had it plugged in and hit the switch in the hotel room (lol).  BUT the best part of the trip is yet to come!   (Hint)

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