Friday, July 6, 2012

Vietnam 2006 photos part 2

Continued from part 1.

During the trek we at dinner and spent the night at this Zay family's home. The little boy was sick so they used a water buffalo horn on his forehead to make him feel better.


I brought my iPod and we listened to Billy Joel.  The girl in the pink hat was my guide.  After this she took me to her village for Tet, where one night I got totally plastered and ate dog meat.  #thisiswhyIdontdrink 

The aptly named Chicken Village near Dalat

Central Highlands
My easier rider guide Duc.  I hired him to drive me through south-central Vietnam for a week.   He is one of the most important people I've ever met.

Little boy with a big bike

 Dong Xoi

My one true love: street food.

Little girl at school in Chicken Village

Mom and baby weaving

Central Highlands

I went to this factory where they made ceramics and it just really depressed me that people were making this crap for us I had always assumed robots or spontaneous generation or something

Mekong Delta

Commuters in Ao Dais

Silk factory.  Poor worms.

Central Highlands

He wanted candy. 

Central Highlands
Fierce mom and baby 

Central Highlands

So easy to get cute photos of kids because they loved to get their picture taken so they could see it on the digital camera LCD.

Central Highlands

I brought a bag full of school supplies to give.  Here is Duc demonstrating the pencil sharpener


Hardly anyone has a car so most families pile on at least 4 people deep.  I swear I saw 7 once.

Central Highlands
We went into this family's home and Duc was like "interesting fire" and I was like what and then HOLY CRAP THOSE ARE BOMBS IN THE FIRE. She salvaged them for scrap to hole up her pots.  They are old bombs from the Vietnam/American war,  hopefully duds :o haven't blow up yet though!

Central Highlands
Bombed-out church and Agent Orange damage on the hills

Mekong Delta

Rice paper factory.  The kid in yellow burst into tears immediately after I took this picture.

Houses on stilts, Mekong River

Paradise Beach, Doc Let

Watching the world go by in a café in Saigon (HCMC)

Have you ever been to Vietnam? Ever wanted to go? Did these pictures match your idea of Vietnam?

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