Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vietnam 2006 photos part 1

I turned 20 and ran away to southeast Asia for 4 months.

food stall in Hanoi

This photo is very special to me because it is the first photo I took in Southeast Asia.  I arrived in Hanoi around midnight after 26 hours of travel.  I thought I was going to die on the taxi ride home because he spent most of the time driving on the wrong side of the road.  My little guesthouse I had booked was full so they put me on the back of a motorcycle and took me to a new one.  

I woke up the next morning so overwhelmed by the noise and smells and people everywhere and how different it was and I came upon this food stand and I took a single photo and paid my 15¢ or whatever and I ate it and then I stumbled back to my hotel room in a daze and then burst into tears just from being totally overwhelmed.  It was a good day.  It was the last time I cried in the 4 months I spent there.

The streets of Hanoi just before Tet
Junk boats in Halong Bay
limestone cliffs of Halong Bay
This was in the Mekong Delta somewhere.  I took this photo from the back of a different motorcycle.  All those ducks were alive and flapping around.
I went to Sapa and met some black Hmong girls chatting with their friends all around the world in an internet cafe

Water buffalo in Sapa
Trekking along the rice paddies in Sapa
This little girl followed us around to sell us bracelets and ask for candy
Black Hmong girls somewhat intrigued
Day 2 of the trek.  This is before I lost my freshman fifteen
Another water buffalo
Black Hmong kids
Black Hmong woman smoking
Part 2 is here! What do you think of these photos?

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