Thursday, July 12, 2012

Planting sprouted onions

Gardening in Oklahoma is just not very fulfilling.  It's so hot and dry and I like to travel and be gone weeks at a time so I've never been very successful. The one year I really tried to have a vegetable garden was last summer which was the hottest summer on record here and a drought and just awful in general.  My arugula tasted like hellfire! 

I live in an apartment so I dabble in small-scale gardening in pots etc.  I was going through a bag of organic onions I got from a grocery store and saw this sucker which has been sprouting for some time:

sprouted organic white onion
I love onions and I never want to be without onions!  I've never tried to grow onions, but I thought that surely you can get more onions from a sprouted onion.  It looks like it's just jonesin' to grow and give me more onions.  So I googled and it looks promising so I thought I'd try it.

The problem: sprouted onions are rotting:


gross gross
You have to peel or cut off the rotten layers to get to the sprout.  So I got a knife and started peeling.  Rotten onion is really slimy, just fyi.

getting to the good stuff
So after taking off all the rotten part and whatever fresh part is not attached to the sprout I was left with this:

onion sprouts
Which I planted in organic potting soil:

I also threw out my dead Easter Lily when I saw a small sprout under the dead leaves:

Easter lily bulb
I planted that too, maybe it will work!

Easter 2014?

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