Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beyond Yoga neon pink gathered leggings review

I'm hearing more and more about lululemon's declining quality, namely bleeding issues with the bright colors and see-through crops with the camel toe prone gusset change.  I've been lucky and only had one incident, a double casualty of an ultraviolet lucky luon headband bleeding all over a flash power y:

UV lucky luon headband bleeding
RIP flash power y :'(
lululemon refunded me but I'm still wary of most of their new bright colors.  When the pow pink wunder unders came out I thought they were very cute but I stayed away because they looked like TROUBLE:

I heard that Beyond Yoga was a good alternative to lululemon, high quality AND made in the USA, and that they had a very similar looking product, the gathered leggings in neon pink:

They even had a 10% off coupon code!  I got the leggings in size small for $70 shipped. Not only that but I got a FREE headband!  Can you imagine lululemon ever doing that?

Free Beyond Yoga headband
I tried the crops on with an elevation space dye power y:

Pretty cute!  And they're very soft.  But they felt thin... much thinner than silver or reversible wunder unders.  So I did the bend test to make sure my underwear wasn't visible.  I always hate seeing people's underwear on display through their sheer crops!

I think you should be able to wear any color underwear with workout clothes but just to see it I wore paris pink underwear which is almost exactly the same color as the leggings but I can still see through:

pink underwear outline

Finally I tried the card trick where you stick a playing card in your pants and if you can tell what suit and number the card it is they're definitely too see through.  I don't have playing cards... but I do have a coupon to get my oil changed!  Can you tell what brand?

time for a change

I don't think sizing was an issue because from the size chart I fit between an XS and an S and I sized up to the S.

I don't think they are worth the $70, I am not impressed with the coverage and will be returning these.   Beyond Yoga's return policy doesn't look any better than lululemon's... maybe even less reasonable. 5 days?  I hope it isn't a hassle. My search for cute quality yoga leggings continues.

Do you have any other suggestions for colorful yoga crops? I'm still sticking with lululemon for the classics. 

*The color of the pants looks really different in each photo but they are the same pair! The lighting in my bathroom is concentrated in different areas and in the first 2 I used the flash while last 2 no flash**


  1. I tried on the electric pink Beyond Yoga leggings as an alternative to the pow pink Wunder Unders as well. Sadly I too thought they were slightly sheer. But I think it is a problem with that color rather than BY leggings in general. I did get the electric blue (pretty light neon shade) and have lapis blue (darker royal shade) and neither of them are sheer. I've also had zero bleeding issues with them and the gusset construction is perfect. For yoga, I think BY leggings are a great alternative to LLL. They don't have any pockets and are indeed very soft, so I probably won't ever use them for hiking or jogging, but I do like them for walking and yoga. Good luck in your quest!

  2. Hello! I'm happy to hear that the other colors of Beyond Yoga leggings are working out for you. I'm pretty tempted by the blues and purple myself. I'm sure I'll order from them again someday. Thank you for your input!

  3. They do look very nice on you!