Thursday, June 7, 2012

Under Armour Women's Grippy II No Show socks review

These socks are dope. I love socks but I'm always in a sock crisis because they fit poorly or I lose one of the pair so I've been wearing a lot of mismatched socks lately.  I was thinking of getting some lululemon ones but $14 for one pair of athletic socks is crazy, I want them to be made of mink at that price.

My boyfriend got us matching UA training shoes over a year ago which was adorable but after wearing them almost daily it was high time for a new pair.  One rainy day last week we went out to Academy to spring for some new shoes!     I wanted some with a bit of color in them.  My shoes are great, my favorite part is the laces which are not only blue but textured so they don't come untied which is great for me as I'm a perpetual 6 year old always walking around with untied laces.

 But these socks! 

They're super soft, they feel like dress socks rather than athletic socks.  You can kind of see how sheer they are.  On the bottom they have little grippy dots which keep the socks from sliding around or bunching in your shoes:

Best ever.  I got 2 packs @ $12 each and each pack has 2 pairs.  They're all I wear.  This is what they look like with shoes, only minimum showing around ankles.

They don't make grippy socks for men which is messed up!  My boyfriend is very jealous.  They don't even make the women's grippy socks in "large", only medium, so he's kind of out of luck.   Poor guy. 

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