Monday, June 18, 2012

Target practice

My prepper yogini friend and I went to the range for target practice. 

shooting lesson
My boyfriend got me some new targets to practice aiming which I'm pretty bad at because I tend to anticipate the noise and flinch and aim too low, which I'm trying to overcome.

The targets are zombie themed and small, about 12"x12".  I shot all of these at about 2-3 yards which is apparently a "realistic" distance but I'm definitely no marskwoman.

sorry iPod lady
This was my first target.  I was obviously supposed to protect poor oblivious rockin' out JLo from the zombie horde and instead I just put her out of her misery.  Terrible.  And that zombie on the far right is still going because I missed out on a head shot.

Zombie magician
My second go was OK.  I mean the magician is definitely dead although I could have been much more efficient with my ammo.  I totally forgot about the rabbit though thus subjecting me to zombie rabbit rabies.

zombie clown target
My third round was better, got a couple of head shots in.  I hate clowns.

zombie horde descending
The last round is the one I'm most proud of because in my 10 rounds I got head shots in on all five zombies.  Although that one on the left might just be a hair shot.

Have you ever shot a gun? How long did it take you to shoot accurately? 

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