Monday, June 11, 2012

Starter budget yoga gear review

Yoga can be kind of bougie, right?   Here's how to get outfitted with decent gear for $50.  Except for clothing.  Don't get hooked on lululemon, it's an expensive habit.  Just practice naked yoga.

My AngelBeauty yoga towel is my favorite find.  Yoga towels are a necessity for hot yoga as you're dripping sweat, but I think a towel is helpful even in unheated yoga to keep your palms from slipping.

I paid $23 for the towel with shipping but it looks like the price has dropped to $16 shipped, which is a fantastic deal.  Many yogis spring for the Yogitoes towel for 3x as much but I have to imagine this one is just as good.  I've had zero problem with bleeding and the side that faces your mat has little grippy flowers like so to keep the towel in place on your mat:

grips on the yoga towel

The side that faces up is a solid color.   No logo or anything, it's nice.  This yoga towel has really changed my practice.  I don't slip in down dog any more! 

It's my belief that if you have a decent towel, you can afford to have a kinda crappy mat underneath.  Which is great for me because a kinda crappy mat I have!

Yoga Monster mat- I ordered it in hot pink because it was the cheapest at the time ($17.95).  Now it looks like most colors are $20.

The yoga mat ~holy grails~ are the Manduka or the lululemon, but they're expensive and heavy and since I practice at a studio I don't want to lug something unnecessarily heavy to and from my car along with my water.

This mat is fine for me and what I do now.  However, when I practiced at a studio with hardwood floors this mat was too thin and put lots of pressure on my knees and joints but I would just borrow a studio mat and place it under my own to double-up the cushion.  The studio I go to now has soft floors so the thickness is perfect.

The problem with this mat is that it's slick without a towel and that it falls apart.  There are big chunks out of my mat and I'm not rough with it or anything.  It doesn't bother me but it isn't pretty:

Finally, my most recent purchase is the Bean yoga blocks.
I got 2 purple yoga blocks for $14 shipped.  When I first opened the plastic wrapper the blocks smells very plastic and chemical but I immediately placed them outside for a couple of hours to air out and now they're fine.  I'm using the blocks to practice holding crow pose at home, but more on that later.

Special thanks to for enabling my agoraphobia and making it so I have to leave my apartment as little as possible.

I've felt really lazy and kind of sick so I had to kind of force myself to go to hot prana power yoga today.  I usually look forward to yoga but not today.  I felt much better after I was done though.  We (and by "we" I mean "everyone besides me") did handstands.  Which is totally my next project.   I wore my black no limits tank and porcelaine wunder unders.

I feel like a Na'vi
I just came home and noticed my apartment reeks of kimchi.  Success.

What are your favorite yoga gear items?

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