Thursday, June 14, 2012

The New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage 1 update

In prepping and in life your best investment is your health.  I started weight lifting using The New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess about 3 weeks ago as a complement to yoga.  I'm a little over halfway done with Stage 1 so here's an update.

The New Rules of Lifting for Women has 3 parts: a "why you should lift" section, a nutritional section, and the lifting regimen/how-to section.

The first "why you should lift" section is kinda NO DUH.  The author is a man and talks about how women shouldn't lift "Barbie weights" and weight lifting should feel like weight lifting and don't worry ladies, you won't get bulky!!! which is all a little silly because... well why do you think we bought this book, brah?  Hurry up and make me look like a goddess!  But whatever, there is still some good information on the physiology of weight lifting.  

The second nutritional section: don't be afraid to eat more if you're trying to gain muscle mass, eat protein, don't be afraid of fat, etc.  Cool, got it.   The five rules are: always eat breakfast, eat 5 meals and snacks a day, have a post-recovery shake after lifting, and eat more calories on days you lift than on days you don't. Does advocate eating lots of grains though... no thanks.

The final section with the actual weight lifting program is why I got this book.  There are 7 stages total which takes about 6 months to complete.  I'm only in stage 1 which alternates between two workouts, designated "A" and "B", for six weeks.  You're supposed to lift 3 days a week with at least 1 day of rest in between.

This section has the regimen and then the instructions on how to do each specific move, like so:
illustrations for each move

I've really enjoying this program!  I hate gyms.  I don't want to talk to anyone or linger, I just want to get in and out ASAP.  These workouts at short- about 30 minutes long- but pack a punch.  You only do 5 or so exercises that work various muscle groups at the same time (think deadlifts) rather than "isolation" moves that only work one area of muscles (think bicep curls).

I did workout "A" today which is made up of squats, push ups, rows, step-ups, and prone jacknifes on a stability ball.  After 3 weeks I can already tell I'm getting stronger.  I'm also getting calluses:

there are baby calluses there, trust me

Remember: always have a whey protein shake within 30 minutes after lifting.  I'm lucky in that I just use my apartment complex gym which is a 5 minute walk from my apartment so it's easy to get that in.

On to the most important part- gym couture.  Today I wore my lululemon cool racerback in porcelaine and my groove shorts :

porcelaine CRB and groove shorts

 Get strong, ladies!

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