Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My quest for a water bottle: Klean Kanteen review

Remember those ubiquitous Nalgene bottles in the mid 2000s?  And then everyone found out the bottles had BPA in them and they were recalled?   And we thought we were being so HEALTHY.

Having a reusable container for water is great, it's just a matter of finding one that keeps you hydrated without doing damage.  Even BPA-free plastics can leach dangerous chemicals into water and I just filtered all that out so why would I put it back in? Aluminum is out because of the Alzheimer's risk.  Which leaves stainless steel and glass. Glass scares me, it's a bit of a liability. 

I've had a 27 ounce Klean Kanteen for over 5 years and I've used it consistently.  It looks like this now:

goodnight, sweet prince
If I've dropped this stainless one that many times just think of what I'd do to a glass water bottle!

I'm OK with it being ugly, but the size is a concern.  27 ounces is fine for my heated or hot vinyasa classes (usually 95-98°F) but there's one class I go to which is Bikram-style (105°F) and absolutely brutal.    A couple of weeks ago I was in that class and only halfway through the 90 minutes I had run out of water.  I glared at my insufficient Klean Kanteen with all the frustration I could muster in my dehydrated state and vowed I would replace it with something HUGE. 

I decided on this sucker which is bad because it's plastic but: 2.2 liters! That's 74 ounces! HUUUGE.  And less than half the price of a Klean Kanteen.

The love affair was short-lived.  After I'd had it less than a week, my boyfriend was getting something out of the fridge and knocked my water bottle off the top shelf, where I had kept it so it would get nice and chilled for my hot yoga class in the morning. 

goodnight, sweet prince
The top snapped off and 2.2 liters of Berkey water ended up all over my floor!  Ugh.  That taught me though, from now on it was stainless steel ONLY.

So my boyfriend and I both got 40 ounce Klean Kanteens:

hello gorgeous
I'm really excited about trying it out at "hot 26 postures", it seems like a decent size.  Not HUGE but hopefully sufficient for the hottest classes. 

The problem is apparently some forms of stainless steel have nickel in them, which is toxic. It's always something, isn't it?  But for now I think that I've found my hot yoga water bottle. 

What do you drink out of?

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