Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Intro to hot yoga and prepping

I entitled this blog "prepper yogini".  That describes my two major interests at this time: hot yoga, and preparing my home and my life for something bad (economic collapse, CME that takes out the grid, zombie apocalpyse) I think is heading our way.

I just wanted to put a disclaimer in: I am not good at yoga at all right now, and my prepping status?  Let's just say if the zombies hordes descended upon me I would be zombie chow in 5 minutes.
Not good

Even if you think everything is peachy-keen in the world today, a little self-sufficiency never hurt, and that really is the end goal of "prepping".   I want to assemble a bug-out-bag, become proficient with firearms, and acquire a stockpile of food and water, all while I live by myself, have no survival training or mentoring, and have a limited (teacher) income.

My hero

My goal is to become a much better prepper and a much better yogini.  They're kind of unrelated... although with hot yoga I'd be much better conditioned to sweat through no-A/C if the grid went out.  This blog will document that quest, as well as a bunch of other crap.

So: yoga.  I am fairly new to yoga.  I have little athletic background.  I've gained comfort weight with my relationship (ugh straight dudes) and from the stress of work (and residual grad school weight). I am "skinny-fat", normal weight but something like 30% body fat.

I've dabbled in a class here and there before but it was only in October 2011 that I started going to a Vinyasa flow unheated class once a week.  It was a very good intro to yoga and although I could tell my flexibility was increasing, I really didn't progress or push myself all that much.  Right before spring break in March 2012 I went to my first hot yoga class.  It kicked my butt and I was hooked.  Everyone there had killer, athletic bodies.  I want one too.

I've been going to hot yoga for about 3 months 2-3 times a week.  If I get good enough in the next year I want to become a certified yoga teacher next summer!

I recently got to the point where I can do a headstand.  Sometimes I can do it in the middle of my living room without the support of a wall.  I don't feel comfortable attempting a headstand without a wall close by in the studio. I'd fall and kick someone in the face and they'd get a bloody nose and scream and then I couldn't go to hot yoga any more!  So I always grab a place next to the wall in studio.

My ~holy grail~ of yoga poses is the scorpion pose:

What a fun party trick!

I am so far away from that right now, but someday hopefully!

The best thing about being a teacher: summers off! The catch: everyone who isn't a teacher is at work as per usual.  IT'S 11AM ON A TUESDAY, WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN'T GO TO THE POOL?  So a teacher friend and I went to the morning heated vinyasa flow class at the studio.

I wore my orange/purple practice freely lululemon tank, my *silver wunder under crops, and my bang buster headband.

dazzling/ultraviolet practice freely and wunder unders

The practice freely tank is my favorite for hot yoga, the straps don't dig in as much as the no limits tank and it keeps you super cool but covered in the front.  Shame lulu stopped making them.

I also love the *silver wunder unders, I think they're more sturdy and less sheer than regular wunder unders and they don't stink after sweating profusely.

I was pleasantly surprised by the bang buster headband, it's the only lululemon headband I've found that stays on during headstands and wheel poses. 

A different teacher friend texted me and wants to go to yoga again tomorrow.  It'll be my first time ever doing hot yoga two days in a row! I've been doing The New Rules of Lifting for Women I'm halfway done with stage 1 and I've been alternating weight and yoga days but tomorrow I will have to do both! Good thing my schedule is pretty much wide open.

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