Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Denver International Airport blue mustang sculpture conspiracy theory

We just drove past the  Denver International Airport today.  I wasn't flying so I couldn't go inside.  I wanted to because I had heard about the creepy/illuminati imagery in the airport from the Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory 2012 Episode.

BUT I had never heard of this big blue horse statue know as "Bluficer" or "DIAblo".

Blucifer in front of the Denver International Airport

This is the statue of a blue mustang outside the airport.  Some say it an allusion to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse- the pale horse that Death rides on.  Maybe it's just an homage to the Denver Broncos.   Either way that thing has a weird history and actually killed the sculptor who created it.

Blucifer at night

Just what image I want burned into my brain right before I board a vehicle that's going 30,000 ft into the air!

What do you think?  Ugly? Are the naysayers just a bunch of Philistines who don't appreciate art?  Or is something more sinister going on?


  1. I acually live in Denver but they say The Denver International Airport has some pretty wierd things as the way it was bilt something about Nazi's and the murals are even more convincing to belive this airport was made intentions for the Nazis

    1. Very weird thing at Denver. What are your thoughts on DIAblo? Are most people in Denver for it or against it?

  2. I do get a kick out of this topic. I worked on putting "Diablo" up. It originally came with just regular red light bulbs for eyes. It was the head of Engineering that had it rewired with red LED lights. DIA is scared that it will get tagged that there are cameras watching him. Special quote about him from Manager Kim Day," Well there is no mistaking what sex this horse is."

    It is mostly from Hispanic folklore as far as the art goes. I guess large private horse parts mean something.

    If you would like more info on DIA, you can write me. I promise there is nothing under the airport, well except for expansive clays. As for the construction companies getting fired, not true. Interstate Highway Construction (IHC) has been there since the beginning. So have several others. If you talk to some of the old guys working, most were there.
    As for the runway configurations, It is not a swastika. It is typical to have four parallel runways and two off shoots in the opposite directions.

    1. Hi, thanks for commenting. I am definitely interested in hearing more about your experience at DIA! Thank you.